Saturday, July 29, 2006

My "Indian Way" Grandchildren

I'm 65 yrs old and have no grandchildren. There's not much I can do about it. None of my three children are married. There are times when I think I'll never see grandchildren of my own. If it turns out that I never have grandchildren, all is not lost because I have three sisters who have grandchildren. I'll just borrow my siblings' grandchildren (in Native American fashion) and enjoy them as I would my own, --if I had some.

Among the Cheyenne, as is true for most Native Americans, there is a tradition that one's siblings' grandchildren are his grandchildren.

My oldest sister (who is two years younger me), Mary John Carter, has eight wonderful grandchildren. So "Indian way" (or by Native American tradition), her grandchildren are my grandchildren... Her grandchildren live in Catoosa, OK; Dumas, TX; and Gallatin, TN.

Every year in June, Mary hosts a Cousin's Camp at her home in Hammon, OK. All of her grandchildren go to her house and spend a week doing all sorts of interesting and delightful activities. This year was special. One of our sisters, Jane Ann Bowen, our parents, John and Loy Flick, and I joined in the fun. We had a wonderful time doing activities with the children. Here's a pictorial account of the Carter Cousin's Camp of 2006. Am I proud of my "Indian way" grandchildren? You bet your boots, I am!!


setagnek said...

When you & I were kids, we played together often, but once I left the corral gate open and the horse ran up the hill. Do you remember? I do. I lived down the road at your Uncle Howard & Aunt Ola's farm. It was 1948-1949. Remember, we swam in the Washita!

I love your website.

God Bless,

Gabriella Povlin said...

Hi...I am looking for a woman by the last name of Flick who gave birth to a daughter around the Disney World area in Florida back in 1981. Does any of this sound familiar to you? The baby was placed for adoption because the mother was only 19. The story is that she came to Florida to have the baby then went back to either Indiana or somewhere in the mid west. If you have any info PLEASE email me at Thanks you. Pam. :)