Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Oklahoma County Courthouse Project...

One of my passions is Oklahoma history and geography. I have created a webpage that deals with various scenes from Oklahoma. I post thereunto photographs of Oklahoma county courthouses, Oklahoma town & city signs, town murals, and water towers. I know it's a crazy thing to do, but it occupies my time and I get to fulfill my passion.

I am most proud of my collection of Oklahoma county courthouse photographs. I have traveled slightly over 3,000 miles of Oklahoma roads & highways to collect these photographs of myself in front of 71 of the 77 Oklahoma county courthouses. I have them listed in two formats. One is an alphabetical list format. The other is a "click-on-the-county" format.

I offer a disclaimer that some of the photographs are less than desirable. I struggled with lighting and/or obstacles. Some of the courthouses are behind trees that prevented my capturing a decent photograph. Others were surrounded by buildings or were too close to other buildings, making it difficult to get a full frontal view of the courthouse. Some of the photographs were taken early in the morning or late in the evening, and I was forced to take photographs facing the sun. I'm not a professional photographer, thus these are by no means professional.

Beneath each photograph, I have included a thumbnail sketch of the location and history of the county. I copied information directly from George H. Shirk's handy little book, Oklahoma Name Places. Below are links that will take readers to my collection of county courthouse photos.

For those of you who might be interested in trivial stuff related to Oklahoma, I say enjoy. This is an ongoing project because I will continue to add information to my page...

Click-on-the-County View of Oklahoma County Courthouses

Alphabetical view of Oklahoma County Courthouses

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