Monday, August 13, 2007

Alarming Propaganda...

A couple of weeks ago, NEWSWEEK magazine printed a controversial article entitled The Truth about Denial. The article has been almost universally praised by proponents of man-made global warming. From a skeptic's point of view (I'm a skeptic), I found that the article contained very little "truth" and a considerable amount of propaganda. The truth of the matter is that the article was mostly propaganda. The most blatant piece of propaganda in the article is the much ballyhooed claim of how "well-funded" the so-called "denial-machine" is.

The author of the article, Sharon Begley, wrote:
Since the late 1980s, this well-coordinated, well-funded campaign by contrarian scientists, free-market think tanks and industry has created a paralyzing fog of doubt around climate change. Through advertisements, op-eds, lobbying and media attention, greenhouse doubters (they hate being called deniers) argued first that the world is not warming; measurements indicating otherwise are flawed, they said...

Begley claims that those who oppose global warming alarmism are well-funded. Not a few bloggers have picked up on the propaganda that the "deniers" are well-funded. One blogger wrote:
Those who deny global warming, of course, are those who stand to profit from the increasing extravagant use of oil and other fossil fuels, or who profit in other ways from activities that threaten the planet... The well-paid deniers of truth may be slick and stealthy, but those who believe God has a better idea for the global community don't have to give credence to their drivel.
So just how "well-funded"/"well-paid" are these deniers? NEWSWEEK declared they have received $19 million over the years up to 1998.

True, $19 million dollars is a pretty hefty figure to be spending to fight global warming alarmism. But what Begley didn't say --and what makes this article such a blatant example of pure propaganda-- is that the proponents of man-made global warming have been funded to the tune of $50 billion dollars over the same period of time.

Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.), the Ranking Member of the Environment & Public Works Committee, conclusively proved that it is the proponents of man-made global warming fears who enjoy a monumental funding advantage over the skeptics. (A whopping $50 BILLION to a paltry $19 MILLION and some change for skeptics – Yes, that is BILLION to MILLION.) Source...

I was appalled at the monumental funding advantage the alarmists have over the skeptics. I knew the demagogues of global warming alarmism had a decided advantage, but not in my wildest dreams did I imagine major BILLIONS compared to paltry MILLIONS.

It takes 1000 million to make a 1 billion. Figuring the comparison of $50 billion to $19 million in a manner that I can get my mind around it, the skeptics have received $19.00 for every $50,000.00 the alarmists machine received. That's incredible!!

The holier than thou proponents of man-made global warming scream about how well-funded the deniers are. But they are conspicuously silent about how well-funded they are. From now on, when I hear a global warming alarmist whine about how much the skeptics are receiving from all the Big Oil and such without mentioning their own well-fundedness, I'm going to dismiss it as a bunch of hot air.

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